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Are You Turning 50 and Dreading It?

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I've been there...

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I was scared as I approached 50. There seemed so much in my future I couldn’t recognise or comprehend. I felt lost and disorientated, sometimes overwhelmed with responsibilities and sometimes invisible with no value to share.

My journey through midlife was a revelation, meeting inspiring women, learning more and gaining confidence. My life has changed beyond recognition because – like so many midlife women – I was supported as my life changed.

Having gone through this journey of midlife transformation myself, I want to turn back and hold out my hand to the women who are a few years behind me and say, "It's ok. You're ok. You might feel that there are doors closing, but, I promise, there are so many more opening ahead of you. You might be feeling a little lost right now, but you are not alone."

While I wouldn’t claim to have all the answers to your questions, I have grown The Midlife Movement with an understanding of how we will all find our way through this. And I’m going to share it with you.

The QUEST course will help you set your path for the future – a future you can look forward to.

You’re NOT Invisible, We See You!

For many of us, getting closer to the half-century brings questions about who we are now.

midlife appearance

Maybe we don’t recognise our own reflection

Perhaps it’s upsetting to see our changed appearance. Maybe, looking at our life, we might wonder when we made the choices which brought us here - and if this is it - forever.

midlife relationships

Perhaps we wonder who our partner has become


Neither of you are the same as you were – can we reach across that distance and find what we once had, or something new? Or, is now the time to see if “the one” is still out there?

midlife relationships

Our position in the family is changing

Whether it is our children becoming adults or our parents beginning to need us more, changing roles and responsibilities might feel overwhelming and it can feel like our world is turning upside down.

And then there are the flushes, the creaky joints, the rogue whiskers (seriously - what's that about?!) and grey hairs...

As your body changes it’s normal to feel unsure of yourself and your future, to lose confidence and even dread what might come next.

Looking around us, we rarely see successful midlife women regarded as the norm. The media tells us the ageing of women is a bad thing - something to be avoided at all costs - rather than the gift we know it to be.

I want you to know you’re not alone, we see you and we’re here to support you.

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This is Your QUEST, But We’ll Be Learning Together 

QUEST is an online program which uses our 5 step framework to help you rebuild belief in yourself, rediscover your confidence and gain a clear picture of your future purpose.

Over 8 weeks together, you’ll build relationships with a group of women whose path has joined your own. Together, we’ll explore our futures.


Midlife Quest Module 1


Together we’ll explore what you’ll gain from the course and how it will work.

Midlife Quest Module 2


as you find yourself asking Who am I now and what is happening to me? Am I happy? If not, what am I going to do about it?

Midlife Quest Module 3


recognising the changes in your body - and your life - which have affected you and your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Midlife Quest Module 4


the person you are now, finding strength in yourself and those things which have built you up.

Midlife Quest Module 5


looking for opportunities and a vision for your future, giving yourself permission to follow your dreams.

Midlife Quest Module 6


and setting intentions, a necessary part of making real change in your life. You’ll set goals but also ensure you know how to reach them.



  • Video Tutorials accessible via Desktop or Mobile App
  • Weekly live calls over 8 weeks with Jo and fellow course members
  • Private Community for feedback and peer support
  • 1 x 30 minute 121 call with Jo personally to ensure you get the most out of the course
  • Downloadable Guidebook for you to print and keep
  • Surprise Bonuses!
The Midlife Quests course


Changing Attitudes to Ageing, One Woman at a Time 

Midlife is a time of huge change and also of responsibility and uncertainty. Alongside family, work and relationship considerations, we ourselves are changing.

We know the hormonal changes occurring now are on a par with adolescence and this huge upheaval we’re facing is at a time when we have a whole raft of other concerns too. This is one of the reasons why, psychologically and emotionally, this time of life can be so overwhelming.

Many midlife women are asking questions, but not everyone finds answers which empower them. Partly this is because the answers aren’t easy to find, but also committing time or money to our own wellbeing is something many women struggle to do. We’re so used to putting others first, we don’t always value ourselves enough – but this needs to change.

Supporting your own wellbeing is essential in supporting others – we’ve all heard the airline messages “Put your own mask on first before helping others”. To be there for those we love, we have to love ourselves.

This is the beginning of your next stage.

Embrace the possibility of a future which brings joy.

Join our QUEST, find your path – we’d love to see you here

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