"Oh Crap - I'm 50! A Journey from Fearful to Fabulous (Sometimes)"  

by Jo Blackwell

At 49 I was feeling old, unfit, overweight and irrelevant. Throw in hormonal upheavals, multiple bereavements and a rapidly emptying nest and you have a recipe for personal disaster.

Figuring there must be others “out there” who felt confused and fearful about getting older, I started to pour out my heart in a blog that I called project50.

What happened next changed my life.

A mixture of articles, musings and personal letters, 'Oh Crap - I'm 50!' is a compilation of the best posts.

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"So very poignant...and funny...and touching...and TRUE! Can just about remember turning 50 and this was so me...I was with Jo every step of the book....loved loved loved it. "

Lindsey Marriott
Amazon Review

"As soon as I saw the title of this book I knew that I was going to enjoy it and I wasn't wrong! It's not often that you come across a book which is a) written from the heart and b) makes you laugh out loud, nod your head in agreement and bring a tear to your eye. For anyone either side of the big 5-0, this is a great read to either devour all in one sitting or to dip into when you want to take a few minutes for yourself. "

Philippa Taylor
Amazon Review

"Fab book with lots of laugh out loud moments"

Lynne Saxton

"I love that I can just dip in and out of this book...although poignant in parts, it’s so well written and touchingly honest that you’ll feel an instant connection with the writer. Buy it!"

Sheila Smith
Amazon Review

"I get so little time for ‘relaxation’ reading these days with the business, the grandchild etc etc but I have so enjoyed dipping in and out of your book! It’s so natural, honest, funny, emotional and very relatable. Highly recommend!"

Joy Roberts
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