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Welcome to Face It, Own It!

a Project by The Midlife Movement and its Founder,

Jo Blackwell

Face It, Own It! is a forthcoming book and exhibition of portraits celebrating women over 40 and their natural beauty – without any make-up.

And YOU could be one of the radiant faces in this campaign, like the ladies on the left who have sent their no make-up selfies - helping to showcase the power of feminine confidence and visibility in midlife.

Scroll down to find more details about the project below, including ways to take part.

A Celebration of Women

In this instagrammable world, we have become used to seeing our own and each other's faces "filtered", flattened and featureless. To look "young for your age" is considered a compliment.

Here at the Midlife Movement we say there is nothing wrong with being older, or old - we are beautiful just as we are - every line, grey hair, lump and bump speaks of our experience, strength and character.

This collection of black and white portraits of women over 40 without their make up is our way of trying to "normalise" seeing older faces.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, or in wearing make up. But I believe it is time to reclaim our natural beauty and not be ashamed that we are no longer youthful.

I see beauty in every woman I photograph. The women queuing to take part in this project are full of wisdom, grace and joy and I feel privileged to be able to reflect that back to them.


Enjoy the portraits and short videos below. They will be brought together in a book and Exhibition later in 2019/early 2020.

 However, you can still send me your no make-up selfie for instagram. NOW OPEN TO ALL AGES, you must be wearing zero make up (no cheating!) and understand that your image may be used on social media as part of this project, without any payment. By sending your selfie, you are agreeing to the above.
I also need your first name, age and a couple of lines about how you feel about growing older.



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