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I'm Jo Blackwell. Having gone through this journey of midlife transformation myself, I want to turn back and hold out my hand to the women who are a few years behind me and say, "It's ok. You're ok. You might feel that there are doors closing, but, I promise, there are so many more opening ahead of you. You might be feeling a little lost right now, but you are not alone."

Come and join us!
The Midlife Movement Community


Is this you?

  • Does your future feel bleak and uncertain?

  • Have you lost your confidence

  • Are there days when you feel desperate?

  • Are you struggling with symptoms of menopause?

  • Do you believe you’re the only one who feels like this?

  • Are you ready to be and feel differently?

This is me! Tell me more

The Midlife Movement Membership will give you the opportunity to...

  • join a group of women going through the same challenges
  • rebuild your belief in yourself
  • help you to rediscover your confidence and optimism
  • become more clear about who you are now and your purpose
  • embark on the journey into your future feeling hopeful and happy

Are you ready to get started?

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What results can I expect?

If you make use of your membership you will save yourself oodles of uncertainty and £££s as we will help you cut through the noise and get clarity on what direction you want to take.

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A Roadmap

You'll get where you want to go much quicker by using our 5 step, guided "Quest" process

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New Friends

You won't be alone any more - you'll be part of a friendly, supportive group of fabulous women just like you.

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Month by month, you will feel your confidence grow as you start to explore the opportunities midlife brings.

"At 50 I began to know who I was. It was like waking up to myself." Maya Angelou

What our members say

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I have found the Midlife Movement enjoyable, informative and thought provoking. It definitely will continue to have a place in my life.

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The Midlife Movement is far more than I expected. I am loving being part of this growing Movement of beautiful ladies under Jo's inspiring guidance. Together we can change the world!

What do I get?

You'll be part of a community that meets up online twice a month to explore how to create the life we want - not "winding down" but "revving up" for the next 30 years! You can also access your Members' hub, full of courses by experts and a resource library of interviews and articles, at any time. There's even an app so you can read, watch or listen anywhere using your phone!

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Online Courses

Fit these wonderful courses easily into your life to expand your knowledge and growth.  All for one affordable monthly fee.  No contracts - we are here for you just as long as you need us.

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Guest Speakers

Each month you can join a live video call with a guest. From a Q&A with a Menopause Nurse to a live pelvic-floor friendly Fitness session, & conversations with inspiring women.

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Virtual Meet-ups

You'll be part of an online Community of like-minded women. Each month, we connect on the internet - it's really easy - and chat as if we were face to face!

How the content is delivered

  • Videos, downloadable audio and pdfs in your Membership hub
  • Mobile app to download onto your phone
  • Private Community for feedback and peer support
  • Meetings via Zoom every month
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We are Stronger Together

Recent studies suggest that the power of female friendship, of belonging to a supportive group helps to protect us from the harmful effects of stress.

Friendships made online can be just as valuable as face to face friends - join The Midlife Movement tribe. You don't have to walk this midlife journey alone!


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Are You Ready to Start Loving your Life Now?


Let us be your guide


  • Empowering coaching
  • Monthly Virtual Meet ups
  • Community
  • Online Courses & Resources

Empowering Annual Membership


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Are You Ready to Start Loving your Life Now?


Let us be your guide


  • Empowering coaching
  • Monthly Virtual Meet ups
  • Community
  • Online Courses & Resources

Our price guarantee

Your Membership Fee will remain the same on renewal for as long as you remain a Member in good standing - no matter how much new content is added, or whether Membership Fees rise!

Lifetime Membership


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  • Empowering coaching
  • Monthly Virtual Meet ups
  • Community
  • Online Courses & Resources
  • One payment - for life!