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Are you ready for your second half?

The woman in your mirror is changing - wouldn’t you like to get to know her better?

While your body may be altering, think of all the adventures you’ve had and get ready to plan some more!    Yes, sometimes your brain feels foggy, because there’s a lot to hold onto – but there's plenty more to come.

Reaching 50 is a time of celebration not of fear.

Make Your Midlife an Opportunity, Not a Crisis

When we were young, those in their 50’s may have seemed old but now we know it’s not. You’ve likely got decades ahead of you, you’re not ready to be written off yet – so don’t write yourself off.

Life is changing and now is the time to recognise your strengths, embrace your wisdom and take confidence in what you’ve learnt over the years. Your next steps are an opportunity, will you embrace the change?

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Jo Blackwell The Midlife Movement


Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Part of Something

I remember my fear of turning 50.

I’d done all the things that I’d planned – followed the map I’d been given as a girl. Husband, children, job, house… I’d ticked them all, so what was next? It felt as if the world was telling me this was the end, my body was telling me it was tired, but I wasn’t ready to stop which is why I decided to start a whole new journey.

When I look I around there are very few places I see myself reflected, it’s ridiculous. Magazines, television and films don’t have a lot of space for midlife women – a situation which is crazy, there’s a lot of us around!

You can find out more about my journey here
YES I'm ready to take a starring role in my own life now!

So, What's This All About?

Our community is a space for you to talk, to learn and to share. It’s a space to laugh, cry, make friends and find your way.

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There’s a clear path

You’ll have a guide to navigate this journey.  The Midlife QUEST helps you set your path as you question and explore, you’ll have everything you need to get the best out of the resources available here in the community.

We’ll help you find your way.

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There’s community

A group of women at an exciting stage in their life who are looking to move forward together. We meet online once a month to talk about everything and nothing, to celebrate wins and share what’s on our minds. It’s coffee – or cocktails – with friends, and you’re invited.

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There's Confidence

At a time when you might be feeling unsure, being part of this group, developing new friendships and exploring opportunities will allow your confidence to grow. These steps you’re taking into unknown spaces are being taken with friends – we’ll build each other up, together.

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There’s learning

Each month we explore a topic which affects us in midlife. All these topics fit within our 6 Pillars for a happy midlife: Midlife Health, Midlife Relationships, Midlife Confidence, Midlife Finance, Midlife Work, Midlife Inspiration.

We have informative Zoom sessions with an expert guest on this monthly topic, as well as in-depth articles and videos for access whenever you need them. In fact, within the community you’ll find numerous courses - from Building Resilience to Introducing Mindfulness, from Better Pelvic Health to your Wardrobe Wow.

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There’s information

Your Hub holds all the articles, videos and coaching sessions you need to guide you through your midlife concerns.

Within the 6 Pillars of Health, Relationships, Confidence, Finance, Work and Inspiration, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and support curated for you where you are now as well as where you’re going. Our amazing contributors have provided courses, downloads and articles across all these subjects.

Find out more about our Contributor experts here

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...and I’m there 

When you join the community, we’ll have a call – we can get to know each other and I’ll find out more about your journey and what you’re looking for.

You’ll also see me at the Virtual Cuppa’s every month and our online Speaker Event where we’ll be learning more about the topic of the month. These events are great to meet new people who are taking the same journey as you, our wonderful members and fabulous collaborators. You’ll love it!


Celebrate Life, Celebrate You!


Join us in The Midlife Movement Community.

For less than the price of lunch with friends, you’ll be getting confidence, friendship, knowledge and support.

This is the place to celebrate having made it this far and – most importantly – everything which is still to come. This is the place for you.

Come and join us now!

"At 50 I began to know who I was. It was like waking up to myself." Maya Angelou

What our members say

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I have found the Midlife Movement enjoyable, informative and thought provoking. It definitely will continue to have a place in my life.

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The Midlife Movement is far more than I expected. I am loving being part of this growing Movement of beautiful ladies under Jo's inspiring guidance. Together we can change the world!

It’s About Your Future 

Sometimes it can feel that society is telling us older women to be quiet, that our greying hair is offensive to others and our wisdom has no value.

We know that’s not true and we’re not ready to be quiet!

We’re looking to create a future that nourishes us and those around us, to build opportunities and learning for those who are travelling in our wake. It’s up to us to create the future we deserve – but we don’t have to do it alone.

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