The Skin We're In

Skin. When I think about the years I've spent looking after it, moisturising it, despairing of it, taking it for granted...

Skincare regimes need to adapt post 50. For me, it's not about "anti-ageing", it's about keeping our skin healthy, supple and comfortable.

Here are the essentials for skincare at any age, but especially as we get older.

1. Cleanse regularly

2. Exfoliate - gently!

3. Moisturise thoroughly

4. Protect from the sun

5. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin from the inside out

6. Eat a healthy, varied diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits and good oils

But of course, you knew that. It's not rocket science. Add to that, don't. smoke and drink alcohol in moderation and you've probably got it covered.

I once read quote by doyenne of romance fiction, Barbara Cartland, that said (to paraphrase) that once we get past a certain age we have to choose between maintaining our figure or our face. She claimed that she had chosen to look after her skin and "sit down a lot". There is something in that, since a little fat under the skin certainly "plumps up" the wrinkles!

In my work as a portrait photographer, I can always tell whether a woman drinks enough water when I take her images onto the big screen to process them. Dehydrated skin has a network of fine lines invisible to the casual glance. Hydration really does make a difference.

Life is too short to worry about how smiling and laughing will affect your face. What we see as wrinkles are often simply the inevitable consequence of the way a face is designed to move. Smile more so that your wrinkles curve upward!

On the Podcast this week I am talking to Sara Austin whose concern about the environment and about what her young daughter was putting on her face led her to research skincare and seek out less toxic products. It's an interesting conversation - tune in on Thursday:


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