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What do you want for yourself in this second half of your life? To be peaceful, calm, happy? To become an activist, to stand up for what you believe in? To change career or start a business? To travel, or find new love?

We've got you! You don't have to walk this path alone. We are building a movement - an army of women who have learned to love themselves and are moving through their midlife and beyond with energy, grace and purpose.

So not an army exactly, since we won't be going to war! Battling against negativity, perhaps. And cultural expectations, lingering from the past.  And our own self-limiting thought patterns.

But I prefer to see us moving forward rather than looking over our shoulders. Embracing confidence, wisdom, creativity, optimism.

Some of us have felt angry, lost and hopeless. Looking at the state of the world, the tragedies and injustices in our own lives, the vagaries of ageing. How do you feel as you realise that there are probably more years behind you than ahead? If the answer is not so good, how would you like to move from feeling as if your life is "winding down" to "revving up"?

This is what we can offer you.

1. A new online course, called The Midlife Quest, will launch in early March. This will take you step by step, through a process of self reflection, meaningful actions and forward planning so that you can learn to love yourself again and be happy in midlife and beyond. You can SIGN UP TO THE WAITLIST HERE. (Scroll down the page)

2. Our fabulous Monthly Membership costs less than a coffee a day. It gives you access to a whole library of useful, thought-provoking, and some fun, online courses presented by professional coaches. Plus you get to come to a monthly online coffee morning (or evening cocktails!) live chat with me, fellow members and coaches in your private Members Only Facebook Group. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MEMBERSHIP HERE.

3.Coming soon - The Midlife Movement Retreat! An indulgent weekend to spend some time with yourself and work through the Midlife Roadmap with me and an experienced retreat leader. Imagine - time and head space away from your everyday to reflect, realign and plan your life! I can't wait!

4. In the meantime, you have FREE access to this BLOG every Monday.

5. Free access to the PODCAST on a Thursday.

6. and the Free FACEBOOK GROUP24/7. 

7. Finally, if you have signed up for the EMAIL NEWSLETTER via applying for your free ebook or the waitlist n the home page, you will receive a short message from me every Friday morning, straight into your inbox.

So you see, we are creating a path for true transformation that will help you to become - and stay - healthy, happy and purposeful in midlife and beyond. It is easy to access, connects you to others and is a whole lot of fun!

I look forward to meeting you!



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