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Where are you headed? What are the exciting things you might do now that your life is changing? Do you have a clear plan or not know where to start? Would you like to discover a new way to manage your energy so that NOTHING stands in your way?

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During this 45 minute session you’ll: 

  • get clear on what you want more of in your life
  • ...and what you want to say no to! 
  • get clarity on who you are now, and how you want to spend the best years of your life
  • re-kindle that bubble of excitement for the journey ahead
  • start to see what's possible for you. 

You’ll walk away feeling hopeful, inspired and empowered.

You can read what other women have said about working with me below.

You might become one of those women - or not - either way we will have had a meaningful conversation together (and probably a few laughs!) and you will go away feeling excited about the future.

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Why talk to me?

I am... a mother, grandmother, wife - and in my prime! 

I work as a professional brand and portrait photographer, a writer, podcaster and, through the Midlife Movement, a mentor and coach to women, whether they are feeling a little fearful about growing older or ready for the next phase in their lives and raring to go! 

My own journey through midlife was rocky to say the least, but I have come out the other side stronger, healthier and happier. That's what I want for you.

I use a 12 session program developed by the organisation One of Many® which has helped me to rethink the way I operate in the world and create more energy to enjoy my life and work.

This, coupled with my own experience, means you can be assured that you will receive the professional guidance of a proven program whilst feeling safe and supported by someone who understands.

Book a free and friendly, no obligation call with me to see if what I offer appeals to you.

Could this soon be you?

"My work-life balance is completely unrecognisable from how it was before this process"

When I began working with Jo I was feeling pretty burnt out. My work life was frantic, but I figured that was just life as a business owner. My hope was that I would get some tips on how to manage my workload effectively to avoid feeling overwhelmed. What I got from the sessions though, was so much more than that.

Jo was a fantastic coach, and helped me to identify that the central issue was my inability to set boundaries, both in my professional and my personal life.

As a result, we worked through some strategies which I would never have considered previously. I now have a range of tools I use every day to combat the feelings of overwhelm, manage challenging conversations and control my own behaviours to help set the expectations of others.

My work-life balance is completely unrecognisable from how it was before this process, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo. Her patient and professional manner and great advice has made the biggest difference to me, and I finally feel in control of my life.

Thank you so much Jo - I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you on this!


Coaching testimonial

"I am more relaxed and less stressed, more focussed and less overwhelmed"

Before working with Jo, my life was extremely busy and felt chaotic and often out of control.  I felt negative about it and like I had little autonomy in my decision-making.  I decided it was time to make a change and, having worked with Jo in a different capacity in the past, I knew she would be a great listener and would work hard to help me.  I was interested in the One of Many approach as I knew that it looked at our innate capabilities as women and I was curious to see how this might empower me.
Jo was very clear each week about what work we did together.  She took my chosen goal and we worked each week to find different ways of approaching the issue and effecting change. She did this with compassion and care as well as direction and focus; her manner was always reassuring but she was not afraid to challenge my thinking too.
The biggest result has been a change in my mental approach - using energy awareness and time-management tools I am able to problem-solve in a different way, using particular approaches tailored to each type of issue.  I have a greater awareness of my energies and capabilities and how they can contribute to moving forward with success.
Today, my life is still extremely busy, but I have a different view on how to handle it, how to prioritise things and some great strategies to help me focus.  I am more relaxed and less stressed, more focussed and less overwhelmed.  If you are thinking of trying out coaching with Jo, just go for it.  It could be the start of a great and positive shift in your life.
Jo Blackwell Coaching

"I enjoyed using different perspectives to understand my thoughts and actions"

Working with Jo has been a real eye-opener. I found her easy to talk to, thoughtful and insightful. The program is a wonderful mix of exploration and guidance, learning more about myself and new ways to look at my motivations and struggles.

I enjoyed using different perspectives to understand my thoughts and actions and the meditations really helped me refocus and reframe. Thanks so much Jo!


Want to feel good about life again? Let's chat!
One of Many (™) Certified Coach

Are you turning 50 and  dreading it?

Then read on... 

This is Especially for …

the woman who woke up this morning and had to fight the urge to put her head back under the duvet. Who maybe groans a little when she rolls out of bed because everything aches.

For the woman who doesn’t recognise the face looking back in the mirror, who feels a little sad as she watches the water run down her body in the shower, whose hair is losing its colour and whose clothes suddenly feel a little tight around the middle.


To the woman who dashes about to get her family off to school/college/work, who puts on the radio while she works around the house so that she doesn't feel lonely.

For the woman who feels strangely invisible as she walks along the street.

To the woman whose career has lost its shine, who feels overlooked as younger colleagues are promoted above her. 

The woman who has a hot flush as she's giving a presentation and wonders if anyone noticed, who struggles to concentrate at the end of the day.


This is for the woman caring for elderly parents, constantly having to battle to get them the medical and social care they need

The woman who feels she is dividing herself up into ever decreasing little pieces, looking after everyone else with no time to care for herself.

The woman who sits across the table from her partner in silence and wonders if you know each other at all anymore.


This is for the woman who has started asking herself: is this it? Who has started to wonder who she is, who has no idea what she wants any more, or what the rest of her life will be like.

This is for the woman who wants things to change, to feel in control again, to be happy, but who has no idea what to do about it. 


I felt so sad in my late 40s. The youngest of my four children had left home, I’d been told that osteoarthritis meant I would be in a wheelchair within 10 years. 

I was in a job I hated and felt fat and frumpy and, frankly, rather unloved. Looking back, I was peri-menopausal, but the only help I got from my doctor was anti-depressants.

I started a blog called project50 where I poured my heart out.

To my surprise, people read it and many contacted me to say “me too!”

Best of all, others contacted me to say “It gets better - I promise!”

I can’t tell you how much that encouragement meant to me. Writing the blog led me into a whole new career as a photographer (at 50!) where I met many more women going through what I had gone through. 

It’s why I founded The Midlife Movement and trained as a coach, because having gone through a journey of midlife transformation I want to support others who, like me, are struggling and don’t know where to turn.

If you’ve resonated with what I’ve shared please know that: 

You're ok.

It might feel like doors are closing, but, I promise, there are so many more opening ahead of you.

Here’s the thing: if you are in your late forties and coming into your 50’s, the chances are that health willing you are only halfway through this wonderful rollercoaster we call life. 

“What percentage of your life do you have left? Midlife is no more than a pit stop.” Chip Conley

You've spent the first half of it growing up, working, maybe having children. Now it's time to take centre stage and step into a starring role in your own life!

Reaching 50 should be a time of celebration not sadness. 

"At 50 I began to know who I was. It was like waking up to myself." Maya Angelou

Yes, midlife is a time of huge change, a time of responsibility, of uncertainty. Alongside family, work and relationship considerations, we ourselves are changing.

The hormonal changes now occurring are on a par with adolescence - and you remember that, right! But now it’s worse as we have a whole raft of other concerns too.  It’s why, psychologically and emotionally, this time of life is so overwhelming.

Getting help and support as you transition through midlife is crucial.

And it’s not easy to ask for help as we’re so used to putting others first - this needs to change.

Supporting your own wellbeing is essential for supporting others – just like the airline messages... "Put your own mask on first before helping others”.

To be there for those we love, we have to love ourselves.

You are not broken - you don’t need “fixing”. Very few of us get to this age without going through difficulties and traumas that often feel like they might break us. 

But we don’t break - we might bend under the weight of it all, but we keep going. We endure. Women our age are incredibly strong. 

It's time to build on that extraordinary strength and move mountains.  Time to do all those things you've been putting on hold for all these years.

Are you ready for the beginning of your next chapter?

Then let’s talk.

I’ve opened up more  “Rediscovery” calls in my diary  to support you on your midlife journey.

It’s a gift from me to you.  I want to be there for you, like others were there for me.  I don’t believe any woman should have to go through this transition alone, wondering if she’s going crazy.

During this 45 minute session you’ll: 

  • uncover what’s stopping you from being happy and free
  • start to rebuild your confidence so you start believing in yourself once more
  • get clarity on who you are now, and how you want to spend the best years of your life
  • re-kindle that bubble of excitement for the journey ahead
  • begin to rediscover your confidence and optimism 

You’ll walk away feeling hopeful, inspired and empowered. 

You might wonder, why am I giving these calls away for free?

Of course, in 45 minutes we can only make a start. If you enjoy our session together and want to continue along the path we will explore, you might want me to support you in your transformation, to believe in you until you fully believe in yourself again. 

You see, I know that if I spend this time with women who are ready to take their next step, some of them will want to continue by investing in my transformational Midlife Rediscovery Coaching programme.

You can read what other women have said about working with me above.

You might become one of those women - or not - either way we will have had a meaningful conversation together (and probably a few laughs!) and you will go away feeling excited about the future.

Is that a gift worth giving yourself? 

Book your call here: https://calendly.com/joblackwell/rediscovery_call