Simple Ways to Help You Thrive through Midlife and Beyond!

Start to take back control of your life with these actionable tips from our expert coaches. We've got your back!

Have you got to the stage where you're thinking: what the heck is going on?

You're not alone - midlife changes can hit us like a train!

In this FREE ebook we are sharing:

  • Personal lessons from women just like you who have thrived through midlife
  • Hints and tips for dealing with perimenopause
  • Wisdom acquired through experience
  • Advice from just some of our wonderful coaches on:
    • Health
    • Confidence
    • Style
    • "Awkward" problems
    • and much, much more...

You'll come away feeling inspired and reassured that you are not alone. 

There is no doubt that midlife can be a catalyst for so many good things, but these middle years  can often be difficult to negotiate.

We all know about some of the physical symptoms we can experience, but we're still reluctant, it seems, to talk about the mental and emotional challenges we. can face.  Enter the Midlife Movement: a community of friendly, open-hearted women who lift each other up whilst celebrating themselves and their achievements!

I'm Jo Blackwell

I founded the Midlife Movement to help fabulous women just like you to simplify and navigate their midlife journey so that you can embrace getting older, own who you are now and create the next stage of life that's perfect for you. 

Having suffered from depression and anxiety through my own peri-menopausal years, I've made it my mission to hold our my hand to anyone suffering now.  Because it's going to be ok. I promise!

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