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Natalie Day

Natalie Day

Contemporary Artist


Art for me is a part of who I am, without it I feel like something in my life is missing. Having made art on and off all my life, 10 years ago I attempted to make more ‘mainstream’ art and fell into a long creative block. Last year I tentatively reacquainted myself with my art materials and have been gently easing myself back into a regular practice of making art. It was like re-establishing contact with an old friend, that lovely familiarity yet hesitance about whether we can get along again.

What I realised from that long block is that I have to create what feels true to me, what lifts my spirit and gives me joy. This past year has been a time of relearning what I had forgotten, regaining confidence and opening myself up to new things. I'm experimenting with media and techniques new to me, exploring mark making and challenging my understanding of my chosen materials. 

As my art practice develops, I’m more willing to take risks and let the materials guide me, detaching from the outcome and allowing my intuition to lead the way. 

This has resulted in some exciting discoveries both in my artistic preferences and about myself. I feel I’m at a turning point with my art now, having gained a solid understanding of the underpinning principles, and I’m ready to take bigger risks and push myself further with the range of materials I’m drawn to.

Much of my current work has been inspired by Cornwall, the county in which I grew up and regularly return to. I’ve always preferred it out of season, with the wildness of the coast and the bleakness of the moors. My recent paintings have attempted to capture the emotions such scenes evoked in me, the overall appearance of turmoil and darkness, yet when you look closer there is such beauty and detail to be found.

I’m drawn to semi abstract landscapes at this time, combining colours that are perhaps outside the natural palette, yet which sit so perfectly within the frame that they feel like they belong there.


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