The Secret to Protecting your Energy

How are you? Fine?

Ok - how are you really?

I talk to a lot of women in their middle years and one thing that many of them say to me is that they feel tired. Not just tired through lack of sleep - though that is a topic in itself - but weary. 

Very few of us get to this stage in our lives without worrying and striving and taking wrong turns and picking ourselves up again and again and again. We've seen governments come and go, catastrophic climate events, social campaigns. We've lived through a dizzying period of technological change and, more recently of course, through a global pandemic. And that is just a snapshot. Of course we're weary. 

How do you protect yourself? How do you ensure that you don't get overwhelmed by the troubles of the world? It's all very well to put up a screen, to observe without absorbing, but for many of us, negativity, pain and suffering inevitably leech through and sap our energy. And how can we help anyone if we are constantly depleted?


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Embrace India

I talk about self care all the time in The Midlife Movement. Before Christmas it was becoming increasingly clear to me that I need to practice what I preach more consistently.

I had fallen into bad sleeping habits and was constantly tired. Working on growing The Midlife Movement was consuming me. It was always at the forefront of my mind, to the detriment of my other business and my relationships.

So when my friend, Sue, (pictured above) whose course "Self Care Space" is one of the most popular in the Midlife Movement Membership, told me she was going on a yoga retreat in India and that there was one place remaining, I didn't think - I just said "count me in!"

I've travelled alone quite a bit, but I'd never been to India, so this well organised trip seemed like an ideal way to dip my toe in the water! Satsanga Retreat in Northern Goa is a safe, comfortable space close to the coast and the warm Arabian Sea. Built and run by an expat couple from Norway and London, it is staffed...

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Self Care

In The Midlife Movement Facebook Group we've been talking about self care this week. What it is and whether we do it and why we should if we don't.

I've been watching a BBC comedy on iplayer called Mum. The first episode of series one takes place on the day of the funeral of the lead character, Cathy's, husband. The three series then meander through the next two years of Cathy's life as she comes to terms with widowhood and deals with her daft yet demanding family.

Sounds like a barrel of laughs, doesn't it? :-) It is one of those quiet, very British shows, (think The Detectorists) that observe life and point out its absurdities using exaggeration and characters that verge on the grotesque - and some who tip over.

Through it all runs the thread of Cathy's emerging romantic feelings for her lifelong friend, Michael. Michael has been in love with her since they were 17 but never burdens her with his feelings, simply watching out for her and showering her with kindness. He's always...

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Nourish Yourself

How do you Nourish Yourself?

Or do you Nourish yourself at all? I’m currently by the beach, coming to the end of 10 days of self imposed solitude. Apart from a lunch and a visit to the cinema with new friends, I have spent my time walking along the beach, sleeping, doing a little yoga, meditating, preparing a compilation of blog posts called Oh Crap – I’m 50! A Journey from Fearful to Fabulous (Sometimes) for publication next month, and writing.

The last is, ostensibly, my reason for being here. There’s been a story in my head for the
longest time and I knew it had to be written – if only to make space for something else! I used to make a reasonable living as a fiction writer, but it’s been the longest time. I’m rusty and it took several nail biting days to ease myself into the flow. I also don’t have a publisher – my former agent has retired and I no longer have any contacts – but re-establishing those is a separate story!...

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