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5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Pelvis

Do you find yourself holding on really tightly when you sneeze? Or when you exercise? Stress incontinence is no joke, so I asked Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, Brittany Denis, to give us the low down on what we can do to improve the issue for a leak-free life!

Incontinence is an initial warning sign that the strength of your pelvic floor is compromised in some way and no longer has the strength to hold the contents of the pelvis. The initial symptoms are leaking urine and can progress to the point of pelvic organ prolapse.

Pelvic health is the conversation no one wants to have, so, unfortunately, incontinence has become all too common. And millions of people are suffering in silence. And with the number of incontinence products and adult diapers popping up in stores, we’ve normalized the issue. But being incontinent at any phase in your life is anything but normal. 

Incontinence has become such an issue it’s one of the top reasons women end up in...

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