The Women Who Shaped Me

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The Midlife Movement
The Women Who Shaped Me

The arrival of Mothers’ Day can be a trigger to many - if you have lost your mother, a child or if you dearly wanted to become a mother and it didn’t happen, it is probably a Hallmark Day you prefer to avoid.

But what is a mother? Words such as nurturing, caring, loving, fierce - we all need to channel these attributes to mother ourselves. And we need that female energy - present in men as well as women - to heal the growing divisions in our society and to speak truth to power in our quest to save our beautiful planet.

This week, in honour of Mother’s Day in the UK, I’d like to talk a little about mothers - even if we haven’t had children ourselves we all had one! So this is about our own mothers, step mothers, mother figures, our own experience of mothering and the energy of Motherhood in general.

I want to honour the women who shaped me and helped me to become the person I am today.



Sadly, I never met my mother, Carole. She died when I...

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Letter to my Daughter on the Eve of her Wedding

Watching the Royal Wedding, I was struck by how alone the Bride’s mother appeared. I was reminded of the day my daughter was married and how many mixed emotions there were swirling through my mind, and I wanted to give the new Duchess’ mother, Doria, a huge hug! I wonder what she said to her daughter as they travelled to the chapel?

This is the letter I wrote to my daughter:

Dear Katy,

So here we are on the eve of your wedding – your last day as a Blackwell. Tomorrow you will make the biggest commitment of your life so far and all your family and friends will gather together to witness the vows that you – and Frank – are about to make.

The day is yours, but your marriage belongs also to family and society at large, for a wedding is not just about the joining together of two people, but the beginning of a family unit. Whether that remains the two of you, or whether you are blessed with children, I know that you both will take that responsibility...

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