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memory mindset psychology Nov 28, 2018


Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention…”

Those famous lines from “My Way” always struck me when I was a kid. Would I feel that way when I was old (like, fifty!)? 

How did one go about living a life where you had too few regrets to mention? I already had more regrets than I could handle - not handing my homework in on time, talking back to my mother, kissing Steven Phipps…

Psychologists believe that regret is an emotion that is first felt around the age of two, when we are first able to understand the concept of “if only…” Which means we develop our perception of regret at an age where we don’t have the discernment to know it is an emotion that will not serve us.

Regrets often arise from the feeling that we have failed in some way. There is a saying that a man who never makes a mistake, never makes anything. Failure can be seen merely as a necessary stage as you move towards...

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