How do you want to age?

Most of us don't like to think about getting older, do we? But often that is part of the angst of moving into midlife - the realisation that we have more years behind us than ahead.

Is it any wonder that hitting 50 can trigger a period of reflection. Reflection that so often leads to changes being made - in our careers, relationships, health... how many people, men and women, do you know who took up a new hobby, left a relationship that no longer made them happy, lost weight, got fit, started a business...? Maybe you did one of these things, or something similar, yourself?*

When we were children, as with so many life stages, ageing was something that we expected to follow a well trod path - the idea that we had choices about how we lived our elder years didn't occur to the vast majority of our grandparents and parents.

For our parents in the UK, the school leaving age rose to 15 in 1947. By the time they came to retire in 1995, both men and women could draw their state pension at...

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Lessons in Grief from a Hiker

Few of us will have remained untouched by loss by our midlife years. For this blog post on grief, I turned to my friend, Forest Therapy Guide, Jill Emmelhainz. Jill and her family suffered the unimaginable loss of their teenage son, James. Since then, Jill has written candidly about grief both as a form of therapy for herself, and to help others walking the same trail.

This 5 point guide to dealing with turbulent times is taken from Jill's blog, The Big Epic, where she documents her adventures on the hiking trails of North America and writes about the healing power of nature. 

Are you a roller coaster lover? Or are you like me—terrified of those torture devices? It doesn’t matter which kind of roller coaster it is, from kiddie ride to mega-coaster, I hate them all the same!

Along the Appalachian Trail in Northern Virginia, there is a 13.5 mile section called the Roller Coaster. This series of a dozen short steep hills comes with a “warning”...

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