10 Top Diet Tips for a Healthy Midlife

Our Guest Blogger this week is The Midlife Food Guru, Sabrina Zief, who is sharing her 10 top tips for a healthy midlife. Find out more about Sabrina and the programmes she offers on her website: https://midlifefoodguru.com/  You can also listen to my conversation about eating well with Sabrina on the podcast.

Hey, Superwoman, have you lost your mojo? Do you get into a ‘mood’ like the flip of a switch? Is insomnia your new best friend, and weight gain is your enemy? 

Menopause can be a time of hormonal upheaval, which brings physical, emotional and psychological changes. For many women, the accompanying perimenopause and menopause symptoms can creep up on them over the years. Yep, that was definitely me. 

Current research shows that many women enter midlife and menopause nutritionally deficient. You may think you have a healthy diet, but did you know that stress causes havoc with your hormones and body? Sustained stress puts your body in survival...

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Is Fear of Fat Holding you Back?

Through my adult life I have seen so many diets come and go. The F-Plan, Cabbage soup, Atkins - but none have been as persistent as the idea that saturated fats are bad for us. This week, our Guest Blogger is retired Doctor, Jane Durston who now works as an Independent Nutritional Therapist. In this article, she explains how the evidence for low fat, High Carb diets has been debunked.

Many moons ago there was a man called Ancel Keys, a physiologist who was interested in nutrition and health. He undertook several landmark research projects in nutrition and probably the most famous was the Seven Counties Study which ran for over 25 years

The Seven Counties study objective was to explore in detail the associations of diet and other risk factors”. It was a huge piece of research which you can read here . The thing to notice is that the other risk factors were mentioned and that associations not causation was mentioned

It was a huge piece of research. The result was that there...

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