Why we should talk about things

I’ve always been a bit of an open book when it comes to sharing my thoughts and feelings. I’m sure that some people might have wished I’d kept some things to myself at times - TMI (too much information) being a thing! Indeed, there have been times when I’ve wondered myself whether I have been too indiscreet, or worried that I have overshared.

Then I’ll get a message like this:

“Unless you have gone through something you cannot say I understand.... you can only say I have an understanding of .... I have said this for many years re many situations so carry on being truthful and share it helps all of us.”

And I know that if just one person is helped by my ramblings, then it’s worth opening myself up to the occasional criticism.

I know I say this a lot - because I have found it repeatedly to be true - but there is an almost magical power in realising we are not alone.

I have always talked with my photography clients. For one thing, I get...

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To the woman who has seen and seized the opportunity of midlife, this is for you too!

To the woman who is excited about her life now and  wants to make the most of it, this is for you!

To the woman who wants to celebrate her life with friends, old and new, this is for you!

We are coming to the end of Launch fortnight and I am delighted that so many of you have taken advantage of the opening offer and joined us for the year! Whilst I welcome you on a rolling monthly contract, I think that a year is a good period to really dig in and achieve tangible results from the courses and resources in the Membership.

As part of my marketing efforts over the past few days, I described several scenarios that might prompt you to join this wonderful community of women. (READ "I SEE YOU!")  I was talking to a lovely lady recently who was clearly one of the 25% of us who sail through midlife. She's vibrant, confident and excited about what midlife brings.

"What's in it for me?"...

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"I'll be there for you, if you'll be there for me too…”  The Rembrandts

Go on - admit it: you started singing the theme tune to Friends, the sitcom, when you read the title of this blog post! Or maybe it was just me...?  One of the great things about long standing, like-minded friends is that you don't have to explain your cultural references.

Following on from my previous blog post where we talked about the need to be heard, a member of The Midlife Movement free Facebook Group, Annette, commented:

“‘Girls night”’, and so forth, is not just about getting out with friends. It’s about being heard. My bestie lives 900 miles away and we talk daily. Don’t know how I’d function without our conversations."

The need for female friends is real whether or not we are in happy relationships or sociable workplaces. There is something about female camaraderie that both soothes the soul and bolsters our resolve. Good female friends...

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