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I need your help!

Now that the shooting phase of the Face it, Own it! project has come to an end (see this blog post for more details: Midlife Women are Hot - Naturally!) the next phase - putting the book together - has begun.

Our fabulous book designer, Tony, has started work on the layout after drafting the cover and it will go to print after Christmas! But to do that, I need to pre-sell a minimum number of copies. Which is where you come in!

Until 31st December, the book is available for pre-order at the special early bird price of £29.95 - including postage if needed (you might prefer to pick yours up in person if you attend the Exhibition on 6th - 8th March 2020)

This is a strictly limited edition hardback, signed especially for you by me. It celebrates the natural beauty of us all and sends a message to the world that while make up is fun, we are ok, just as we are.


Thank you so much for all your support in this endeavour!

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August Book Club

ageing books make up Aug 14, 2018

For the August Book Club, (and our very first at The Midlife Movement!) I’ve selected an inspiring summer read from Tricia Cusden, Founder of the British make up brand, Look Fabulous Forever.

I felt this was apt after featuring Cindy Joseph as our first Inspirational Woman, as, like Cindy, Tricia has developed a line of pro-age make up and is a vocal advocate for embracing age rather than fighting it.

“Living the Life More Fabulous – Beauty, Style & Empowerment for Older Women” is part manual, part manifesto, with plenty of food for thought about the way we view ageing in the Western world and, consequently, the way we view ourselves. The author is visible throughout the book in a series of gorgeous portraits (which, as a Portrait and Personal Branding Photographer, I obviously absolutely love!).

Whilst she asserts from the start that:

There has never been a better time to be an older woman,

Tricia also notes:

Our society seems to value older women only...

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