To the woman who has seen and seized the opportunity of midlife, this is for you too!
To the woman who is excited about her life now and  wants to make the most of it, this is for you!
To the woman who wants to celebrate her life with friends, old and new, this is for you!

We are coming to the end of Launch fortnight and I am delighted that so many of you have taken advantage of the opening offer and joined us for the year! Whilst I welcome you on a rolling monthly contract, I think that a year is a good period to really dig in and achieve tangible results from the courses and resources in the Membership.

As part of my marketing efforts over the past few days, I described several scenarios that might prompt you to join this wonderful community of women. (READ "I SEE YOU!")  I was talking to a lovely lady recently who was clearly one of the 25% of us who sail through midlife. She's vibrant, confident and excited about what midlife brings.

"What's in it for me?" she asked. She'd seen the blog post and didn't identify.

That prompted me to write the list above - there is so much fun, friendship and a kitbag of tools to enhance your life even if you're not struggling. I'm pleased to say that lady is now a member, and she's also looking forward to inspiring members who have joined to boost their confidence.

Inside the Membership there are over 60 videos and growing; 8 courses with more being added each month, on subjects such as Mindfulness, Style, Yoga, Art... Interviews with inspiring women like you with something to share, mini courses and articles.

Downloadable audio files so you can listen while you're walking, driving, cooking... Monthly "virtual coffee mornings" where you can talk to other members, and to the Contributors, including me.

All for the cost of a lunch out with your friends. And until Sunday 14th April  2019 at 10pm, you can take advantage of our amazing launch offer: Join for 12 months, pay for 6. This will be your Subscription fee for as long as you stay a Member.

Sounds good? Find out more here:

I am pretty exhausted. I've run away to the seaside with my husband for a rest and a reset. It's beautiful here. When I get back, I will be greeting the Founding members and organising the very first virtual coffee morning. I'd love to meet you there!

Love Jo


Cycling Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels


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