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Introducing Vivienne Joy, Queen of helping people "get out of their own way" and achieve incredible mindset shifts in life and business. I am delighted that Vivienne agreed to be one of the expert contributors in the Membership and her course, called "7 Steps to Stress Less", is both thought provoking and transformative.

Viv talked to me during Launch Week about her work and why she wanted to be involved with The Midlife Movement. You can find out more about Vivienne and her work here: She Enjoys Business Movement.

Talking about stress, I had a funny old day recently.

I was supposed to be going to London to a meet-up with an organisation I belong to called Project Positive Change, so I got all dressed up (ok, I admit it - that means I brushed my hair...) and went down to the station.

Catching a train and finding places I don't know when I have to be somewhere at a set time are, for me, a couple of those silly, irrational stresses we can all have, so I suppose I was probably a bit stressed, though I felt ok.

The station car park was full, so I drove round and round looking for a space, and all of a sudden my heart started racing, head pounding, I started sweating, my eyesight went blurry... so what did I do? I panicked and drove straight home!

I guess it must have been a panic attack as I feel better for a rest, but how annoying is that? So irrational and out of the blue!

A few years ago (when peri-menopausal) I had a little mental health blip and was forced to learn how to take care of myself as a result. I still get overwhelmed if I don't pace myself properly, so I guess this is a warning to slow down and not over commit.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, I guess I feel it should be ok for us to admit when things are too much. We are not superwomen, any of us. I fall into the trap sometimes of comparing myself to others - mainly in terms of how much energy other people have and how much they seem to get done in a day.

I am a "can do" sort of person, but I have to do it at my own pace. I've been told that this is a "belief" rather than a reality, but this has proved to me that pushing myself too hard and putting myself under pressure is counter productive.

Am I "slowing down" because I'm middle aged? I don't think so. I need to be more "considered" in my approach. And be a little kinder to myself when I don't live up to my own expectations.

For now, I attempted to eat my disappointment at missing out on the event with some chocolate and cheered myself up by binge watching Queer Eye.

(Thank you, Fiona Clark  the Zenergiser - also a Midlife Movement Coach, for talking me through some "tapping" to bring my heart rate down when I rang to say I wouldn't make it. And love to Leigh Daniel (another contributor!) whose event it was.)

It's ok to not be ok. We must all remember that. x

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