Once the Nest is Empty

This week was my wedding anniversary. 37 years of wedded. I’d say bliss, but seriously, who is blissful for 37 years straight? In honour of our mutual persistence, and mindful of the fact that September – the prime month for chicks to leave home – is fast approaching, I thought I’d share some thoughts about the upside once the nest is empty!

The sadness some of us feel when our nests empty is real, but it has to be said, once you get past the shock of facing each other across the breakfast table and realising that yes, you actually have to talk to each other unless you want to eat in silence, there are upsides to the children leaving home. So, if the nest is empty at your place, here are a few reasons to celebrate:

There’s no one around to catch you having a cuddle in the kitchen, ergo no one will make vomiting noises
When you return home after both going out, everything will be exactly as you left it
There is food in the fridge
And beer/wine
You don’t have to make or buy seven different kinds of cake to cater for all tastes
You can play your music without someone shouting “turn that racket off!”
You can sing, if you want to. And dance, without comment being made
You can row. This in itself is a seriously undervalued asset – no more hissing-under-the-breath rows that have to go on for days because you keep being interrupted. Now you can slam about and clear the air.
You no longer have to have silent sex

In fact, you’re free to remind yourself of all the things you once enjoyed doing together
And, if you’re lucky, you might even have the funds to do some of them!

“Once the nest is empty” is an excerpt from my book, Oh Crap – I’m 50! A Journey from Fearful to Fabulous (Sometimes) – now available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2KUPLcH


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