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press publicity radio Jun 26, 2019

I have been getting out and about this week spreading the word about The Midlife Movement and our mission to change attitudes to ageing, one woman at a time!

Following the feature that was published in the online edition of Northampton Chronicle and Echo (my local newspaper) on 13th June, about my own midlife "reinvention",  on 21st an interview titled:  Find how experiencing a difficult passage through her own midlife inspired Jo Blackwell to create The Midlife Movement appeared on the Talented Ladies Club Website. In it, I talk about how I set up the Membership site and about self employment in general.

On Friday I was a guest of Helen Blaby on BBC Radio Northampton, my local radio station. Helen has just started to experience peri-menopause, with severe hot flushes and mood swings, so she was really happy to use the platform of her radio show to talk about it. The more we talk, the less alone we feel and the more we can work to remove what stigma remains around menopause!

You can listen for a short time here (the interview starts at about 1hr 36 minutes).

On Saturday I zipped into London to appear as a guest on TalkRADIO on the Badass Women's Hour. (I had to google "badass", just to be on the safe side!) This was an experience as the presenters were in their late 30s, very early 40s so rather than being with women who knew firsthand what I was talking about, I was in a position where I had to explain peri-menopause from scratch!

I am told I held my own. It all flies past so quickly and I find I have to concentrate so hard in order to keep my meandering brain under control - and connected to my mouth! It was certainly an experience - as was merely visiting the huge glass box that is the London HQ for NewsCorp!

Finally, on Monday I went with 2 of our fabulous Midlife Movement coaches, Fiona Clark and Susan Royale and Member,  Jane McCourt to the Northcliffe House to see the Daily Mail. There we were coiffed, made up and posed in a photoshoot for Femail. The next day we were all interviewed about our stories of midlife crisis which turned into midlife opportunity!

As I write, we don't have a date for publication, but I will be sure to let you know on the Facebook page and in the group and will write a separate blog post when it is on the newsstands!

Phew! It's been a crazy few days. We've been talking about comfort zones this week in the group and on the page and I have well and truly been pushed out of mine! It's been tremendous fun, but pretty exhausting. 

On Monday, whilst posing for the cameras I managed to put a hip out, so I had a pulled muscle to contend with -  yep, I'm hip! Arthritic hip! But it was a small price to pay to experience such an amazing day. Afterwards, three of us went for lunch then, to maintain that "on top of the world" feeling, went to the top of the Shard.

There, I had a few moments to reflect on how this midlife army is marching forward - we will be heard, we will be visible and we will reach thousands of women who need help to find a happy life at 50 and beyond!

Love Jo x

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