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About Jo and The Midlife Movement

Hi, I'm Jo and I'd love to welcome you to The Midlife Movement!

I think it's crazy that we have the (cultural?) expectation that we should "wind down" as we get older. Yes, our joints might start to creak, our eyes might need a little help, our skin might begin to "sprinkle" (as my grandson describes it), but what is that, really, when set against what we have to offer? Heaven knows, the world needs our time, experience, love and - dare I say it - wisdom.

Having gone through this journey of transformation, I want to turn back and hold out my hand to the women who are a few years behind me and say, "It's ok. You're ok. You might feel that there are doors closing, but, I promise, there are so many more opening ahead of you. You might be feeling  a little lost right now, but you are not alone."
I hope you’ll join me as I hurtle towards my next big birthday. Though I am less fearful than I was, I only manage fabulous every now and then. I’m a work in progress, just like you, let’s enjoy the ride together!
Love Jo x



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