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Hi - I'm Jo!

The Midlife Movement came about because the women I work with in my "day job" as a brand and portrait photographer often talk about the upheaval peri-menopause and midlife can bring.

By listening, sharing our stories and affirming they are not alone, I realised that many women need help, as I did, to rediscover the confidence to set new goals for their lives so they can be healthy and happy at 50 and beyond.

My own journey

through midlife was rocky to say the least, but I have come out the other side stronger, healthier and happier. That's what I want for you.

I created The Midlife Movement Membership as the friendly resource and community I wish I'd had when I was feeling lost, lonely and invisible. And it's a resource I am loving to use to enhance my life now.

I am living proof that midlife is an opportunity, not a crisis. I'd love to offer you a free call with me to see if if I can help you to embrace this time in your life with more joy! Book a call here

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I am ...

a mother, grandmother, wife - and in my prime! 

I work as a professional brand and portrait photographer, a writer, podcaster and, through the Midlife Movement, a coach and mentor to women who are entering their middle years, whether they are feeling a little fearful about growing older or ready for the next phase in their lives and raring to go! 

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