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Jo Thackwray

Jo Thackwray

Personal and Business Coach


I am a EMCC EIA Life, Career & Small Business Coach and Presenter on www.inspireradio.co.uk bringing health, self development & wellbeing tips to the airwaves Mon- Fri 10 am - 1 pm.
Coaching is the best bit of you time anyone can have to make sense of your thoughts and challenges and support you to take risks and be the best version of yourself you can and want to be.
I have 20 years in business managing and developing teams across the childcare and charity sector. I also have 50 years of life experience, and there’s been a lot of life to navigate, family, children, divorce, death, accidents, relationships, careers, you name it I’ve experienced it!! But all those experiences help me help you to navigate life’s challenges.
I certainly can’t profess to have a perfect life, life is challenging, but reaching that grand old age of 50 gave me my light bulb moment, I’ve taken the bull by the horns and now making the changes I want for myself.

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